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Books That Every Student in High School Should Read

By developing a habit of reading, any person can develop a good culture and can benefit from it. Reading culture can be very beneficial to a person because it can help them develop some very important life skills and also learn some things that can help them retain their lives and this is beneficial regardless of whether students pursues a career in reading or pursues a career in a different area.Research has always shown that a high percentage of the high school students are usually disengaged from the studies that usually go on in their schools. One of the ways that can be used to remedy this is through developing a reading culture as it can help the students get motivated enough to refocus on their studies. By investing in some kinds of books that are available bookshops and also other places, a school is able to get some benefits because of the high school students reading them.This article is going to talk about some of the books that every high school student should read and how they can benefit from them.

One of the main books that should be read by every high school student is the Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. The main targets of the writer of this book in the year 1951 were the adults but this book changed audiences to all kinds of people and because of this it is always sold more than a million copies per year and it has very many translations to its name. The main character in this book is a young person known as Hollen claufield who is like a protagonist who is again as the operation or the suppression of teenagers and is a main actor or an icon in teenage rebellion these days and this is the reason why everything that you should ensure that they have read this book because they can gain quite a lot. Getting this book is not hard because it is available in many bookshops all around the world and therefore every high school should acquire and have it read by the teenagers.

Reality hunger by Devin Shields is another of those very important books that should be read by every high school student. Reality hunger is a book that talks about how teenagers are faced with challenges growing up in a society that is filled with mixed-media sources and how confusing it can be growing up in this kind of society. The growth of social media and also technology was not experienced in the olden days and therefore this book is very instrumental in equipping the young people in the methods they can use in order to have a good life still amazed these realities.

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