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The Benefits of Cutting Substances With Waterjet Cutting

One of the commonly used methods of cutting metal and other material in industrial plants is the waterjet machine. A water jet at very high pressure is normally used, sometimes in combination with either an oxy-fuel flame or plasma to do the cutting. It is a very high precision kind of cutting that yields a very clean cut. This cutting method is especially useful when cutting materials that are quite expensive and rare, because it causes very minimal wastage during cutting. It is used in industrial processes that manufacture and produce metallic and other products. Waterjet cutting is advantageous in a number of ways. Below are outlined some advantages of waterjet cutting.

The heat aspect associated with many cutting methods is absent from waterjet cutting. Heat is normally produced when other ways of cutting material are used. High temperatures are necessary to produce heat that burns through the material thereby separating it at the point of cutting. Heat may destroy the material being worked on if the material cannot withstand high temperatures. Such materials may either be melted or deformed by heat, thereby rendering them unusable. Waterjet cutting works on the principle of pressure and therefore can be used to cut such materials safely.

There’s very little wastage of material because it has a very high precision of cutting. Waterjet cutting deals with a high degree of precision. The method can make cuts as narrow as under a millimeter thick. Thus, there is minimal wastage of the material being cut in comparison to the other cutting methods. And since it is carried out using computer software that are quite advanced, it is possible to get even higher degree precision cuts.

The method of cutting can be applied to diverse kinds of material. Heat generation accompanies the other methods of cutting such as plasma and laser cutting. As such, they can only be applied for cutting of a limited numbered of materials such as metal and other hard minerals. Waterjet cutting, on the other hand, can be used for cutting all types of material, making it a truly versatile method of cutting substances.

Moreover, when you use a waterjet machine to cut through material, there’s very little debris left on the cut surface. It is usually necessary to carry out an extra cleaning process on the surface cut by other methods because such surfaces are usually deformed and bent sometimes. But surfaces cut using a waterjet cutting machine are usually cleaner and require very minimal finishing. The labor is thus directed towards other more productive tasks in the industry since the work of cutting is made much simpler.

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