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In the past years individuals used to write on how they spent their day and give a summary of how their day was and it was referred to as a web log and from that particular word web log the word blog came up.

A blogger can be defined as an individual who does write information that could be a diary and posts it on the internet where that the information posted could thus be termed as a blog and the procedure in which the content of the diary is made could be referred to as blogging. Individuals do blog for various reasons and one of the reasons as to why individuals blog is because they would have some concerns and others would have opinions they would want to raise therefore writing about it is one way of having their voices heard to other people.With the internet now available many people do rely on social media to get information and also know what is going on within their surroundings therefore by blogging an individual is in a position to have hundreds of people or even thousands of people get to read about the material in their blogs.

Different individuals do have different interests when they are writing blogs as there are bloggers whose main interest will be writing about politics some of them do find interest in educating individuals on various business ventures while some would choose to blog about celebrities depending on what interests them.There are various steps that an individual should follow so as to create a blogging site and one of the steps identifying the blog platform which is pinpointing the domain name and identifying the hosting provider and after one should get a theme for the blog that is eye catchy. Having to tweak the blog in order to make it have a great look fitting in plugins that are effective are one of the last phases that an individual ought to complete before one starts writing contents that are expected to be quality.

Blogging has got several significances and one of the importance of having to blog about the services or the products offered by a company could generate traffic on the company’s website through the link that the audience are directed to hence the company could have the potential of having new customers to the company. Different bloggers do blog about different contents thus an individual can go through the various blogging sites that are of interest to them so to learn more on the contents of the material that a blogger has to blog about from the website.

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